Sunday, August 11, 2013

How to Treat Hard Drive for Durability

The use of the computer for too long without the care of the owner can lead to decreased computer performance. The one that causes decreased computer performance is the hard drive. As we know, the hard disk has a very important role in terms of data storage.

All the data important data stored in the hard disk in the computer. Imagine if one day the hard drive becomes corrupted and you have not had time to do a backup, then the important data you will disappear instantly. Actually there is a program that can be used to restore the lost data.

Although existing software that can restore the data the data that has been deleted, but it would be nice if from the beginning we have been prevented in advance so that such things would not happen. As the saying goes, willing umbrella before it rains.

The ways that we can do to prevent this is to perform maintenance on the hard drive. Hard disk as data storage is certainly important. Moreover, if the file is damaged then you probably can not be saved anymore.

So hard disk maintenance is very important, because the fall-prone hard disk and can be easily damaged.

Here are important things you need to know to take care of your hard disk aga remain durable and long lasting.

1. Install an antivirus do just in case if there is a virus that will attack and destroy your data. If the antivirus must be updated regularly.

2. Try to always backup the important data.

3. Use ScanDisk to check if there are bad sectors on the hard disk. Error check on the hard disk to hard disk right click> Properties> Tools> (In the error checking, click Check Now).

4. Always Defragment 2 weeks, so that the data on the hard drive is always neat.

5. Use third-party software to clean up junk files, duplicate files, and recycle byn. You can use the System Cleaner

6. Do not be too often repeal and replace the hard drive into the CPU, because the hard drive is very sensitive. If exposed to shocks, then the data on the hard disk danger of being lost.

7. Do not store the data too much. That is not to live a free hard drive until kilobyte, but give enough space, so that the hard drive was not too crowded at least leaving about 20 MB .. If you are using Windows OS will usually appear warning, if our hard drive is too full.

8. Uninstall unused programs so as not to burden the hard drive

9. Use UPS or Stavolt. Point if we use the UPS is if we are using the computer when suddenly the power goes out, your computer will not instantly die. So we can store new data off first. Computer that died suddenly without first shutdown will make a fast hard drive is damaged.

10. Adequate ventilation. Do not put the CPU in place that is too crowded or cramped. Because it can make the air can not get out fast causing the hard drive to be hot. So you should select a CPU that has a lot of fans and put in place a rather broad.


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