Monday, August 12, 2013

How to Treat External Hard Drive

Hard drive is one of the storage devices that are on your computer or laptop. The hard drive itself is made up of two kinds of internal hard drive and external hard drive. Internal hard drive is a device that is attached to and is a part of your computer or laptop. While the external hard drive is more flexible devices such as flash and generally have a greater capacity.

This external hard drive is generally serves as a secondary storage, i.e when the capacity of the internal hard drive of a computer is not sufficient anymore. In the modern era such as this, the utility disk considered quite important. Hard drive on the market now that have no power tamping up to one terabyte (TB) or equivalent to 1000 GB. Moreover, the flexible nature and a very mobile, hard drive has now become a mandatory item for more data storage.

However, because of the flexibility that external hard drive to be prone to damage goods. Remember, damage to the hard drive may result in data loss of your data. For that reason, here are some tips on how to maintain and care for your external hard drive so that lasting much longer.

How to Treat External Hard Drive

1) Always select the option "Safe remove hardware"

The manual option is essential to your hard drive. Never unplug your USB on your hard drive is plugged into your computer abruptly and impress random origin. Most people think if these measures are not important and will not cause any problems on any device. Revocation of the origin will cause a sudden power disconnection that can make your master boot record will be broken and need to re-format.

2) Do not get in contact with liquids

Things should not be done at your hard drive is not to be exposed to water or any liquid. Indeed, this sounds trivial. But not infrequently we encounter hard drive is exposed to water because the roof is leaking or exposed to splashes of water you drink. As we know, the liquid is in sharp contrast with all things electronic.

3) Do not get slammed

The next prohibition is not to your external hard drive ata slammed both softly hit especially hard. Minimize friction of various shapes other hard objects. Just as we know, the hard drive has small components that are vulnerable to friction or shock. To outsmart you can use a special bag for your external hard drive. But keep in mind is do not use the bag if the hard drive is in use. This is done so that the heat coming out of your hard drive can come out perfect.

4) Keep away from magnetic fields

The magnetic field will pull any objects made of iron or metal in it. To that end, keep your hard drive from the magnet because the magnetic field is feared will attract some of the components in your external hard drive by force. Moreover, there are some components that are magnetic disk as well.

5) Use the appropriate USB cable

In addition to using the appropriate USB cable is also expected you to use a USB Y cable with two heads. This is so that you get a hard drive and power supply are good.

Its a few tips to keep your external hard disk can be preserved. Remember, all electronics have a life of their own age. Care is good and right will make the life of electronic goods last longer. Thank you and hopefully useful.


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