Friday, August 9, 2013

How to Install a Hard Drive on a Computer

Hard drive is a data storage medium that is on a notebook or desktop PC. You can store music files, videos, photos, important documents and other data on a hard disk. If the hard disk on desktop PC or notebook is full, the easiest way is to add a blank space by deleting files that are no longer needed. If it is not possible to remove it, you could compress the data that are not so into the form so that the ZIP file into smaller capacity which would add an empty space on the hard disk. However, this method is not very effective because you have to back and forth to extract the ZIP file if you want to see the data that is in it.

The most effective way is to buy a new hard drive in addition to the primary hard disk on a computer or notebook, and install it. For those of you who want to install a hard drive itself, I will give you how to install a hard drive on a computer.

To install a hard drive into the casing, the first step you should do is know the type of hard drive you will use. I'm not going to describe every type of hard drive in this article, perhaps the next article. The short drive is often used today is the ATA and SATA hard drives.

If you are using an ATA hard drive then connecting cable from the motherboard to the hard drive you should use the IDE cable, and if you use the SATA hard drive cable SATA cables. Physical differences, ATA cable is wider than the SATA cable. ATA cable is usually used for some other device other than the hard drive such as CD-Rom, DVD - Rom, etc..

Before practice, first identify the type of hard disk. There are two types of hard disk is IDE and SATA (see picture).

IDE hard drive types

SATA hard drive types

Usually computers are now widely used type of SATA hard disk. So we'll practice with SATA type hard disk. In order to practice what we'll do become easier, please note the following picture before.

Previously prepared beforehand your hard disk. Then follow the steps below.

First, set the jumpers on the hard disk. This jumper is on the back of the hard disk Baian and have three to five pairs of pins. When the hard disk that you will install only one, then the jumper set it to the "MASTER". If there are two hard disks, then unplug the second hard disk jumper and position it as a "SLAVE". There is usually a jumper installation instructions on the side of the hard disk.

Hard Drive Jumper

Attach the SATA data cable to the data port on the back of the hard disk. Installation is not difficult. Match the end of the cable to the port only the data on the hard disk, so it can not be reversed. Then, plug the other end of the data cable to the SATA port 1 or primary SATA on the mobo. Sema with installation means installation to the hard disk.

Then attach the power cable from the power supply to the hard drive. If your power supply does not have the old model for a SATA power cable, you can use a power converter cable (see picture). Attach the fitting. After that plug in the hard disk drive bay. If it fits, install the bolt.

SATA Power Converter

Position of power and data cables

The location of the hard drive in case


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